Seven ways to make bedtime more luxurious

make bedtime more luxurious

Note: I’m doing a month of mini fresh starts, including making bedtime more luxurious. Here’s the whole list of mini fresh starts if you want to join in.

When I was living in the dorms as a college freshman, I went to bed at 11PM. My friends were just putting in their pizza order outside my door and I was like, “Well, goodnight y’all. See you tomorrow.”

Related, I’ve seen the ball in Times Square drop at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve maybe once. Why? Because I’ve been sound asleep every other year.

And just like a seventy-year-old (or four-year-old–take your pick), I now go to bed around 9:30PM. Seriously. Even on Fridays.

In other words, this lady loves her sleep, thank you.

Because I love sleep, and because I’m damn good at this whole “sleep hygiene” thing everyone is buzzing about (who knew this was a skill to be good at?), I thought I’d share some ideas for making bedtime even more luxurious and enjoyable. The kind of luxurious that you look forward to. The kind that soothes your racing thoughts into quiet oblivion.

If you try these bedtime ideas, you will:

  • look forward to going to bed rather than procrastinate and stay up too late
  • have an easier time slowing down your racing thoughts at the end of the day
  • fall asleep quicker
  • sleep better
  • and wake up feeling refreshed

Here’s what you do:

Seven ideas for making bedtime more luxurious

  1. Turn the heat down an hour or so before bedtime: a cool room helps you sleep and makes your bed feel extra comfy and inviting. If you’re worried about getting cold, keep a blanket or pair of socks at the foot of the bed in case you need them.
  2. Get the bed nice and toasty: prep a hot water bottle about thirty minutes before bedtime and stash it between your sheets at the foot of the bed so that it’ll be nice and warm for your feet by the time you crawl in. (Note: if you’re a hot sleeper like I am, skip this step or else you’ll be baking in your sheets.)
  3. Upgrade your sheets: I used to have these economical cheap cotton sheets that pilled after washing and felt terribly scratchy. Don’t do this to yourself. Splurge on a nice pair of sheets–high thread count cotton or linen. You’ll thank yourself, trust me.
  4. Make your sheets smell amazing: essential oil linen spray is easy to DIY (see Pinterest for ideas), and there’s nothing better than a lovely-smelling pillow to lay your head on. For heavier-duty, not-so-natural-but-absolutely-wonderful scents, try Tyler Candle’s Glamorous Wash detergent. You’re welcome.
  5. Invest in pajamas that you love: You alone get to decide what’s comfortable for sleeping. Slinky negligee? Giant cotton tshirt? Your birthday suit? Find out what you like, and then find it in the best fabric possible (ex. silk. The answer is silk.).
  6. Lather up with lotion: fend off dry, itchy winter skin by applying your favorite lotion to heels, hands, face, and lips before bed.
  7. Indulge in your favorite fiction book: put a final cap on your day by retreating into a favorite fiction book, thus leaving your racing, real-life thoughts behind.

I’m curious: does sleeping come easy to you or not so much?

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  1. Sheryl says:

    Good tips! Must try with My boys!

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