Calling for Swiss Army Knife stuff

swiss army knife

I have a garment that I can wear eight different ways. I call it the “Swiss Army knife” of my wardrobe. Likewise, I think of coconut oil as the Swiss Army knife of my pantry because I use it for so many food and personal care recipes. And I just read a blog post that talked about the remarkable usefulness of nut bags, and I’m thinking the bags, too, may be in the Swiss Army knife family of versatility.

I’m searching for more Swiss Army knife stuff. Will you help me?

Many of the things I own perform exactly one function. A hair brush. A Kindle. My Doxie paper scanner. They do their specialized job efficiently, and I look for the best quality I can afford when I shop for them.

But then there’s this whole other category of things that I call “Swiss Army knife things.” I get enthusiastic about them because—like their namesake—they do many jobs at once. The video, below, is an example of what I’m talking about. In it, Graham Hill basically creates a plan for a Swiss Army Knife apartment (think Transformers meets Ikea.):

Cool, right? These multitasking gadgets, tools, design concepts, furniture, personal care products, and the like are everywhere. Let’s talk more about these, so if you see something with Swiss Army Knife character, send it my way.