about stephanie hillberry

Hello. I’m Steph, author and creator of Simple Life Lab. Welcome!

We’re strangers, but I feel like I know a few things about you already.

I know that a different kind of life is calling to you. An unconventional life, full of meaning and purpose.

I suspect that standing in your way of this life is too much clutter and distraction. Too much work. Too many bills. Too much trash and wastefulness. These things are standing in my way, too.

I imagine that you’re craving more discipline and focus. More time for nature and laughter and adventure. More wholesomeness.

Me. Too.

Like me, you’re probably already taking steps toward this life, and those steps include decluttering and minimizing and saying No. Maybe they also include researching and reprioritizing so that you can put the needs of others on your radar and actually give a damn. Because you believe like I do that our decisions matter—even the little ones. And that in order to make a difference, we all need more space in the margins.

And like me, you’re probably inspired by others who are farther ahead on this road. People who are sharing what it looks like to be minimalists and to produce less (even zero) waste. I’m experimenting with their ideas, too, and finding out what works for me and what doesn’t. Simple living isn’t one-size-fits-all, and I’m guessing you’re trying to find the size that fits you, too.

That’s what this site is about: Finding the size that fits through small, daily challenges in minimalism, zero waste, and simple living.


More about me:

I’m a Colorado native and have mountain air and the scent of pine trees in my blood. I currently live at the base of the Rocky Mountains and for me, simple living and nature intersect A LOT. To glimpse my fondness for nature, follow me on Instagram where I frequently post outdoor scenes from my daily life.

I’m married to a man whose Christmas lists tend to include things like “generator” and “arc welder.” He’s a full grown Boy Scout. Though we don’t share the same perspective or interest in minimalism and zero waste, we share enough. Part of this journey is learning how to do it with someone else at your side who doesn’t always see things the way you do.

And because I know you’re wondering—no, we don’t have kids. And no, that isn’t by choice. And yes, that’s a hard thing. Another part of this journey is accepting your life as it is, and finding opportunity in the midst of closed doors.

Finally, contrary to lots of minimalists, I don’t live in a van or have an exotic life. I live in a very vanilla neighborhood in a cookie-cutter house. I work a traditional 8-5 job (I’m a content marketer). I celebrate Fridays and feel like the weekend goes by too fast. I believe that some of these things will change as I travel farther down the road of simplicity, but some may not. It’s too soon to tell.

For now I’m looking for the simple way, day by day.

Thanks again for visiting, and don’t forget to say hi and tell me about yourself, too!